The world has changed. People make purchasing decisions for all sorts of reasons and believe it or not, this is as true of architects and specifiers as it is retail consumers.

Traditionally, print advertising in specialist industry magazines and blanket emails might have been the preferred option for generating leads, but ask yourself – how many of these do you take the time to read each day?

A digital strategy can increase brand awareness, sales or improve customer relations. And all the content we produce will adhere to your brand guidelines, while considering best practice SEO, content marketing and social engagement.

Starting with your CPD, brand or product (or from scratch if you’d prefer), we can develop and deliver a worthwhile digital content campaign focused on:

  • Audience segmentation – Not all of your clients are the same, so content should be tailored to their specific needs
  • Audience listening – What are your customers talking about? What motivates them? What inspires them? And are your competitors talking to them more effectively?
  • Audience engagement – Creating content that people want to read, share, save. People don’t have time to waste reading something that doesn’t feel relevant to them.
  • Targeting influencers – Who are the people with the widest, most engaged audiences? And how are you targeting them to encourage advocacy of your brand?
  • Targeting pain points – In addition to understanding what motivates your audience, you should understand their problems… so you can help solve them.
  • Targeting trends – Talking about something in your industry that was newsworthy six months ago is not good enough. Your customers want your innovation and expertise now.
  • Targeting the 99% – So you’ve got a great email open rate of 1%, how much damage is being done to your brand via the 99%? And why aren’t they engaging with what you have to say?