CPD: Marshalls Yorkstone

Marshalls Yorkstone – If you have something important to say, say it in stone.

In 2015 we were asked by Marshalls, one of the world's leading stone and placemaking product manufacturers and suppliers, to help them reinvent their CPD material for its Yorkstone offering.

The journey began with digging into the product itself, to find out as much as we could about how it was sourced and installed, so we could tell a compelling story about it while educating an audience about its properties.

We created a 50-second video snapshot of the sourcing process, to highlight how special it is as a material, detail its journey from centre of the Earth to site and have something visually engaging to break up the CPD presentation.

Using insight to express the value of Yorkstone

Millions of years it takes to form
Years Marshalls have mined it
Countries sourced from
Great reasons to specify

Our investigation of the product led us to a theme to effectively illustrate why a specifier would choose this material over something inferior.

Namely, that this vital and ancient resource is something that provides the opportunity to say something important... which humankind has already been doing for centuries.

By educating the audience on the history, practicality and versatility of Yorkstone, and wrapping this in an engaging, aesthetically pleasing, multimedia presentation, we had created something impactful that would allow our client to stay at the forefront of their mind long after the CPD had ended.

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