CPD structure and delivery hasn’t changed much in the last 15 years… And yet, the needs and expectations of CPD audiences continue to evolve.

Our research, fuelled by our network of manufacturers and architects, has allowed us to identify a number of misconceptions about CPD which have helped us to shape and reform our approach to it on behalf of a number of clients.


CPD points aren’t important

Architects and specifiers aren’t driven by CPD points, they’re driven by knowledge. If you can deliver valuable, useful content to them, they’ll remember it.

The audience might not be listening

The way we consume information has changed drastically over the years – and this is as true for architects and specifiers as it is for anyone. CPD needs to work harder to engage.

They aren’t all ready to buy…

Statistically, only 10 per cent of the audience may be at the right stage in a project for that CPD/product to be relevant ‘on the day’

So CPD is just the start

CPD can be better leveraged to develop a dialogue with the 90% who are not at the right stage, but will be in the next 3-9 months


We know architects and specifiers still want and need effective CPD, we know face time with them is still a prime sales opportunity. But we need to talk to specifiers in tune with the way they think and create content that is carefully constructed to hit the ‘sweet spot’ with the audience segments.