CPD: Icopal Monarfloor

Icopal Monarfloor – Architects need to ‘think beyond the visual’

Very often, clients can become frustrated when they feel they have a product that architects truly need... especially when they are struggling to get the message across as to why could potentially be so valuable to them.

For Icopal, the challenge was communicating the need for high quality acoustic solutions in buildings where they are often one of the first things to be 'value engineered'. How could we stress to our audience that ignoring acoustics was a mistake?

Our first job was to address them with material that played into their love of great design, with content that was branded but aesthetically pleasing. The next step would be to use that structure to explain why very often, beauty is only skin deep.

How are poor acoustics becoming an increasing problem?

London noise complaints in last 3 years
Noise pathways between properties
Types of impact noise
Per cent of practice revenue from housing

We knew that architects were visual creatures, but appealed to them by asking them to think in an extra dimension. We wanted them to think not about the usual empty photograph of their work, but how the building would live on long into the future.

By highlighting how our environments are becoming noisier, we emphasised that there were a whole range of things to think about - and that saving money on acoustic solutions would subsequently be a massive result.

We educated them on the reasons why they needed to 'think beyond the visual', before introducing them to products that would ensure their projects sounded just as good as they looked.

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